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Culinary specialty: what to eat in Vienna?

It tempts you to go to Western Europe, in a very dynamic city, rich in culture and history? Vienna is a perfect destination. The capital of Austria, you can discover this city whatever the season. In both summer and winter, there are plenty of good deals.

Discover the city of Vienna

Located east of the Danube, Vienna is a lively city day and night. She is well known for her wealth of artistic and intellectual celebrities if one speaks only of Beethoven, Mozart or Sigmund Freud. The city also has many imperial palaces, including the Hofburg, the two summer and winter residences of the Habsburg dynasty and the Schönbrunn Palace. Nearby are several buildings such as the Parliament, the National Library and the University of Vienna.

Lovers of art, history, and culture are the most spoiled thanks to the presence of the various museums, historical and contemporary buildings where works by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and other artists are exhibited. Several old buildings reflecting breathtaking architecture deserve to be admired if one speaks only the Gothic cathedral (built in the XIII century) and the cathedral square, a large square baroque adorned with many shops. Do not miss the Viennese biscuits at the famous Manner boutique.

Do you like nature ? Multicolored flowers can be enjoyed in the gardens and parks in Volksgarten or Stadtpark.

Vienna is also a capital of music, where lived Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert and Johann Strauss. Concerts in a world-class opera sometimes take place in different parts of the city, such as the castle orangery.

The culinary specialties in Vienna

Who does not recognize the residence of the Habsburgs in Vienna, used by Romy Schneider in interpreting Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria), in the trilogy of Ernst Marischka, in 1950? This imperial city is also the only one in the world that has given its name to a style of cooking. Viennese gastronomy consists of kitchens from different countries. It represents varied and rich dishes to offer you unforgettable taste experiences. One of the most outstanding features of Viennese cuisine is the use of local and seasonal ingredients. Wherever you plan to eat, there is always a salad, offered as an accompaniment to the dish.

The main dishes: Wiener Schnitzel

The Viennese dishes are mostly based on meat. The most common dish is Wiener schnitzel. This is a Viennese breaded veal escalope recipe, a traditional Viennese dish enjoyed during the Sunday lunch. It is usually served with a slice of lemon and parsley potatoes.


It is a traditional dish, a kind of thick stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika. It is found everywhere in Vienna, from the tavern to the gourmet restaurant.

The Schweinsbraten

This is a traditional Viennese dish made from roasted pork, garlic and cumin.

The Tafelspitz

Very popular in the city of Vienna, it is a beef stew recipe served with broth. It is one of the city’s iconic dishes of delicious meat, vegetables, a good seasoning and water for cooking.

The Knödel

The knödel is an Austrian gastronomic specialty, served as an accompaniment, resembling the quenelles of Lyon. These are large round dumplings prepared with potatoes or bread, eggs, semolina, spinach and poached in boiling water. There are also other sweet variants, made with apricots, prunes or cottage cheese.


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