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What Is The Best Hair Curler?

Conair has been industry leaders for years on end and has been rated as the top hair curlers by many different beauty gurus. Personally, I believe that Remington could be trying to take over Conair and show that they are the real queens in this thriving industry.

Hair curlers or more commonly known as curling irons have made a big impact on the beauty industry, allowing anyone with straight hair or wavy hair to be able to have lusciousĀ curls in just minutes. They are derived from hair straighteners which came to popularity in the early 2000s and now we’ve seen trends shift and more girls are seeking curly hair than straight hair.

remington hair curlerI believe that the Remington CI9348 is the best hair curler on the market today and produces the best curls for the most affordable price. I’ve seen various hair curlers claim to be better than Remington or try to provide better value for money but they simply can’t compete. Remington has been a brand for hundreds of years and was established over a century ago, they produce many different products from beard trimmers to hair curlers, however all of their services have one thing in common, they all involve hair.

Hair shouldn’t be burnt or become overly curly when using a curling iron. This is something that we find a problem with most hair curlers available on the cheaper end to consumers. They always over curlĀ or burn the hair which can be a big problem.

Remington in our opinion has provided the most balanced curling iron and gives you wavy or curly hair in the quickest amount of time. If you timed how long it took to curl your hair you’d see that it is much quicker using a Remington curling wand than a Corsair or a BabylissPRO. Overall you really can’t get better value for money on a wand so we highly recommend them to all our readers.

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