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Culinary specialty: what to eat in Vienna?

It tempts you to go to Western Europe, in a very dynamic city, rich in culture and history? Vienna is a perfect destination. The capital of Austria, you can discover this city whatever the season. In both summer and winter, there are plenty of good deals.

Discover the city of Vienna

Located east of the Danube, Vienna is a lively city day and night. She is well known for her wealth of artistic and intellectual celebrities if one speaks only of Beethoven, Mozart or Sigmund Freud. The city also has many imperial palaces, including the Hofburg, the two summer and winter residences of the Habsburg dynasty and the Schönbrunn Palace. Nearby are several buildings such as the Parliament, the National Library and the University of Vienna.

Lovers of art, history, and culture are the most spoiled thanks to the presence of the various museums, historical and contemporary buildings where works by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, and other artists are exhibited. Several old buildings reflecting breathtaking architecture deserve to be admired if one speaks only the Gothic cathedral (built in the XIII century) and the cathedral square, a large square baroque adorned with many shops. Do not miss the Viennese biscuits at the famous Manner boutique.

Do you like nature ? Multicolored flowers can be enjoyed in the gardens and parks in Volksgarten or Stadtpark.

Vienna is also a capital of music, where lived Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert and Johann Strauss. Concerts in a world-class opera sometimes take place in different parts of the city, such as the castle orangery.

The culinary specialties in Vienna

Who does not recognize the residence of the Habsburgs in Vienna, used by Romy Schneider in interpreting Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria), in the trilogy of Ernst Marischka, in 1950? This imperial city is also the only one in the world that has given its name to a style of cooking. Viennese gastronomy consists of kitchens from different countries. It represents varied and rich dishes to offer you unforgettable taste experiences. One of the most outstanding features of Viennese cuisine is the use of local and seasonal ingredients. Wherever you plan to eat, there is always a salad, offered as an accompaniment to the dish.

The main dishes: Wiener Schnitzel

The Viennese dishes are mostly based on meat. The most common dish is Wiener schnitzel. This is a Viennese breaded veal escalope recipe, a traditional Viennese dish enjoyed during the Sunday lunch. It is usually served with a slice of lemon and parsley potatoes.


It is a traditional dish, a kind of thick stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika. It is found everywhere in Vienna, from the tavern to the gourmet restaurant.

The Schweinsbraten

This is a traditional Viennese dish made from roasted pork, garlic and cumin.

The Tafelspitz

Very popular in the city of Vienna, it is a beef stew recipe served with broth. It is one of the city’s iconic dishes of delicious meat, vegetables, a good seasoning and water for cooking.

The Knödel

The knödel is an Austrian gastronomic specialty, served as an accompaniment, resembling the quenelles of Lyon. These are large round dumplings prepared with potatoes or bread, eggs, semolina, spinach and poached in boiling water. There are also other sweet variants, made with apricots, prunes or cottage cheese.


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What Is The Best Hair Curler?

Conair has been industry leaders for years on end and has been rated as the top hair curlers by many different beauty gurus. Personally, I believe that Remington could be trying to take over Conair and show that they are the real queens in this thriving industry.

Hair curlers or more commonly known as curling irons have made a big impact on the beauty industry, allowing anyone with straight hair or wavy hair to be able to have luscious curls in just minutes. They are derived from hair straighteners which came to popularity in the early 2000s and now we’ve seen trends shift and more girls are seeking curly hair than straight hair.

remington hair curlerI believe that the Remington CI9348 is the best hair curler on the market today and produces the best curls for the most affordable price. I’ve seen various hair curlers claim to be better than Remington or try to provide better value for money but they simply can’t compete. Remington has been a brand for hundreds of years and was established over a century ago, they produce many different products from beard trimmers to hair curlers, however all of their services have one thing in common, they all involve hair.

Hair shouldn’t be burnt or become overly curly when using a curling iron. This is something that we find a problem with most hair curlers available on the cheaper end to consumers. They always over curl or burn the hair which can be a big problem.

Remington in our opinion has provided the most balanced curling iron and gives you wavy or curly hair in the quickest amount of time. If you timed how long it took to curl your hair you’d see that it is much quicker using a Remington curling wand than a Corsair or a BabylissPRO. Overall you really can’t get better value for money on a wand so we highly recommend them to all our readers.

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Bonafi ICO Review

Bonafi, which was previously known as Group Project, is launching its ICO to facilitate the supply chain using blockchain technology. It will be integrating mobile applications and Crypto-Tag with the blockchain in order to provide empowerment to retailers, brands, and consumers so that they can fight against the counterfeiting of products. To see other ICO’s like Bonafi, look for https://thetechinsider.org.

Bonafi ICO

Main Features

  • It uses blockchain technology
  • Crypto-Tag patent
  • Currency: Bona tokens
  • Uses mobile technology for consumers

The Global Counterfeit Problem

There is a global problem with counterfeit products being available all over the world easily. For serious buyers, it can be a problem if they are being duped into paying the actual price for a fake product. The counterfeit industry is growing at an alarming rate and with a lack of resources to deal with such a phenomenon, these fake products are actually stealing the market share of the original brands.

Solution Provided by Bonafi

The aim of Bonafi is to defend all sorts of retailers and brands, whether they are big or small, from counterfeit products and to provide protection to consumers by giving them an option to authenticate the product using blockchain technology. The authentication of products is done through their unique trademark, known as Crypto-Tag, which is scanned by an NFC-enabled mobile device. The device will then be able to provide authentication of the product easily.

Since it works through a mobile application, it can be used by retailers, consumers, and brands so that they can communicate with the Crypto-Tag and include additional data to the blockchain technology.

Data and information relating to each individual and their contribution to the supply chain will be recorded permanently on the blockchain to allow them to verify the authenticity of the products.

What Is Crypto-Tag?

It is a tag embedded in the product that will be able to serve as a crypto engine and can be used with almost all types of materials, so it can also be used on all types of products.

Bona Tokens

This will be the currency used on this platform to power the application and that end-users will be paying for the authentication of their products. The cost of the authentication differs from product to product.

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Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator Review

If you are thinking of investing in a food dehydrator; the Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator is a reliable choice for you to consider. This product is known to provide you easy and efficient services and also it does not cause any harm to the nutritional qualities of the food items that are dehydrated in it. A food dehydrator that is powerful yet relatively small is hard to come across, luckily Nesco provides this, however you can find alternatives at Del.icio.us.com who have some other great dehydrators!


Nesco-FD-75AThis dehydrator is the right one for drying and making healthy snacks in your home itself. It allows you to dry a different kind of food items according to the required temperature with the help of the adjustable thermostat. It has a top mounted fan that has a power of about 600 watts and works on 120 Volt.  It initially comes along with five trays but can also be expanded up to twelve trays. Each and every tray in this dehydrator is round in shape and of the diameter 13 ½ inches. The exterior of this device is completely made up of the Opaque Vita save material. This is done to save the nutritional content of the food in the dehydrator from contaminating from the harmful lights. It uses the Converge flow method that allows the hot air to flow from the different trays of the dehydrator. It is done to dry all the contents quickly and efficiently. You are not at all required to rotate the trays for the machine to work properly. Also, there is no requirement of adding the flavors.


  • The control panel of this very device is extremely easy to operate.
  • It is extremely easy to clean as well as can be maintained without any professional help.
  • It enables the drying process without you having to rotate the trays.
  • This price charged for this device is extremely cheap and affordable.
  • This device does not cause much noise while operation.
  • You can easily create great jerky with the help of this device.
  • It is compact in size and does not require much storage space.


  • This device does not have any time.
  • There is no on/ off switch to immediately start or stop the operation.


Even after some of the few drawbacks that it has, the Nesco FD-75A Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator is worthy enough for you to invest your money in. This device is able to provide you the easy usage and is said to be one of the best available options in this category.

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